The HALO Effect


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  • The HALO Effect methodology is a next-generation resource for organizations seeking an instrument that meets the twin objectives of providing an assessment of what is and providing feedback that can mobilize toward what ought to be.
  • The methodology presents a comprehensive and integrated picture of the organization. It provides numerous direct, indirect and comparison measures of organization strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. In addition, it facilitates the management of desired change throughout the organization.
  • The HALO Effect methodology is a new paradigm for implementing a program of continuous organization improvement and growth, organization adaptation to change, creating a culture of innovation, delighting customers and organization learning.
  • It delivers objective, measurable benchmarks efficiently and economically, making this resource accessible to any size and type of organization. The methodology serves as a galvanizing event stimulating the entire organization to pay attention to stakeholder feedback.
  • It goes beyond any typical survey, or other data gathering means to offer the organization a learning experience in organizational self-transformation.


  • Translate the complexity of business in a way that all stakeholders can understand;
  • Quickly and economically do a benchmarkable and comprehensive Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis of an organization.
  • Quantify the non-financial performance of any size enterprise without any disruption to their organization;
  • Effectively measure and monitor operational performance change;
  • Provide an independent qualification of nonfinancial business progress;
  • Identify the cause/effect of all key aspects of an activity with the other elements of that business;
  • Compare the external perspectives of customers and suppliers with the internal perspectives of management and staff on the exact same parameters;
  • Benchmark a company’s performance data with that of others in its industry/ sector.


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Julie Guyard

CEO, Founder of nbb Group,creator of new BIG brand, Business Wellness,& Supported Startups

“There’s lots of them out there, but The HALO Effect is set to become the Holy Grail of business books, and the timing couldn’t be better! This disruptive methodology, applicable to businesses of all sizes irrespective of industry, is grounded in common sense and proven globally.The HALO Effect is a game changer in today’s fast-moving business world and is a ‘must read’ for every business owner, and management team who recognises the need to identify and quantify its non-financial operational performance, and its relation to long term success.”

Mitch Joel

President – Author, Six Pixels of Separation

“Long before analytics, data and customer insights were buzzwords that every brand was trying to use, understand and improve upon, there was Jerry Tarasofsky. He’s one of the first original thinkers to match what people are doing (online and offline), and figure out what it means for a business to grow. Finally, he’s taken that learning and it applied to businesses. The Halo Effect is a must-read if you’re trying to understand what your brand must be doing today to be alive tomorrow (and for years to come).”

Bryan & Jeffrey Eisenberg

New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling authors and co-founders of

“The best companies worry more about keeping up with customers’ expectations than with competitors. Those companies know that no company is ideal, yet striving to be ideal is the key to high performance. Jerry Tarasofsky coined the acronym HALO for Higher-performing, Agile, Learning Organizations©. Your company can benefit from The HALO Effect. If you are an executive who wants your company to remain relevant and vibrant you should put down whatever else you are doing and read this now.”

Avinash Kaushik

Author: Web Analytics 2.0,Web Analytics: An Hour A Day: Digital Marketing Evangelist: Google.

“It is not a mystery that Business glory emanates from three magical ingredients: People, Process, Structure. Yet, exactly how to take those three ingredients to create a high performing agile learning organization is something of a mystery. In The HALO Effect, Jerry helps solve that problem and puts you on a path to non-normal profitability!”

Brian King

Professor, HEC Montréal

“While researchers have been seeking a silver bullet to help businesses spur growth, Jerry Tarasofsky has been out in the field helping organizations figure out how to measure and grow their essential capabilities. The HALO techniques outlined in this book distill the wisdom he's gained through the years. Business owners seeking both growth and excellence will both enjoy and profit from reading The HALO Effect.”

Tom Creary

Management Consultant, Montreal, Ottawa

“The HALO Effect book is about a keep-it-simple, highly valuable methodology for understanding how one’s company is doing, really doing, and whereit can improve to grow profitably.”

Mort Grostern

MBA CPA CA, CEO Integral Security Solutions

“I hate business improvement books. This one is different. Jerry has a simple, easy, fast method to identify areas that need attention and fixing. The problem is you still must do the work but Jerry’s approach gives you clear focus. The rest is up to you.”

Barry Cracower

(Retired) CEO Rexall Drug Stores

“I have worked with Jerry Tarasofsky over many years both as a professional colleague and a fellow board member. I have nothing but respect for his knowledge,insight and invaluable support. The HALO Effect methodology has enabled our corporation to not only grow but to increase our market share and profit.”


Jerry Tarasofsky

This is the first book from Jerry Tarasofsky. 

Jerry Tarasofsky is a serial entrepreneur; an organization and management development consultant; a creative thinker; a challenger of the status-quo and for over 55 years a technology aficionado. 

Upon graduating with both a Science and Arts degree from Concordia University in Montreal in 1962/63, Jerry worked in several large companies — Alcan, ITT, Kruger and Air Liquid, starting as a system’s analyst and becoming head of IT at Air Liquid. Following those jobs, he founded or co-founded multiple businesses:

  • Rapatax, one of the world’s first attempt at a commercial business utilizing time-sharing technology;
  • Compucentre, the world’s first chain of computer and advanced electronic stores
  • JT&A Consulting, introducing early-stage on-line applications, creating multiple business applications for the mini-computer industry;
  • Mage Centers for Management Development, one of the first individual management coaching businesses with offices in Boston, Toronto and Montreal;
  • iPerceptions, the world’s first voice-of-customer analytics platform, and
  • CSI Diagnostics, his current business.

He serves on the Board of Directors for public, private and non-profit organizations. 

Jerry is married to Elaine, father of Robert, Daniel and Janet; and grandfather to Joshua, Rachel and Ayla. 

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